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Used to reduce 24V battery voltage to 12 V as, e.g., specifically in case of commercial vehicles, coaches, dormobiles, and (river) boats. Due to the fact that accomplishment of the lowest possible consumption of energy is crucial, as is maintenance of a minimum possible heat evolution, the input current equals approximately one half of output current. Converter are short-circuit-resistant, load-decline-proof, featuring a stability of below 2%, and an efficiency of around 92%. Converter are RoHS-compliant, and dispose of the EMV/Kfz electromagnetic  compatibility certificateNo. E8-10R-035132, issued for motor vehicles, as well as of an CE control sign. Converter are equipped with signs in English and German, made in top quality, with low production costs. As such, they are an excellent product and good value for the money.

Art. No. TM-10 TM-15 TM-20 TM-30 TM-40
Input voltage [V] 18 - 35 V 18 - 35 V 18 - 35 V 18 - 35 V 18 - 35 V
Output voltage [V] 13,8 V 13,8 V 13,8 V 13,8 V 13,8 V
Output current (max.) 10 A 15 A 20 A 30 A 40 A
Output current (permanent operation) 8 A 10 A 15 A 20 A 30 A
Standby current [mA] < 5 mA < 5 mA < 5 mA 25 mA 25 mA
Thermally controlled fan No No No No Yes
Dimensions L x D x H [mm] 110x100x50 130x100x50 130x100x50 150x100x50 150x100x50
Weight[gram] 440 g 520 g 520 g 720 g 740 g
RoHS directive compliant Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
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PDF Assembly instructions | Connection layout | Heat table



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